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Custom Web Sites

Many factors have to be considered when creating a professional custom website design. Ambitious Web Services makes sure our clients understand the importance of the following.

Factors to consider for your web design:

Site MUST Be Easy To Navigate
Bad navigation is the number one reason visitors leave websites. While each site is custom, it is imperative that the navigation always be in the same place on each page. Whether it is on the top, left, or right side does not matter. Our custom web design company never recommends having links on the bottom as the customer has to scroll many times to see it. Consistency is the key.

First Perceptions Are Everything
History tells us that we have five to ten seconds to get visitors to stay on a site. Therefore, never lose focus on why visitors need your services above your competitors. Typed text is the first thing to show on a site, so try and have a 'catchphrase' on your homepage that gets your visitors to continue reading and visiting the entire site.

Limit Flashy Animations, Graphics & Other Gimmicks In Web Design
Staying focused on promoting your products/services and not your design is what attracts customers to the site. In the end, most people purchase services and/or products from websites that are professional, but simple and easy to use.

Understand How Your Site Displays On Search Engines
If search engines are important to your online presence, it is imperative that your site be built for the major three search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo have strict requirements. We stay up to date on the latest algorithms and keep our customers informed when their site no longer meets that criteria. We not only strive to get your site listed in the top 10, but we will assist you with a link strategy.

Keep Your Site Fresh
Give your visitors a reason to return. Offer them a newsletter, or update your site often with new information or specials. We can help you determine the best avenue to do this for your company without making you a slave to your website. Our custom website design company also offers custom software solutions and very affordable pricing. We're here to save you time, therefore, saving you money.

Give Your Customers Information
Visitors usually want more than a phone number. They want information about products and/or services before placing an order or call. Provide concise, clear, easy to see manner and sales will increase. Always have an FAQ, support page, and policies page linked from your home page. With many people being 'taken' by today's websites, following this step will give them security in using your services and products.

Make Your Contact Information Visible
Always have an address on your site and a toll-free number if possible. If you want customers to call, put your number on the top of every page. Never make your customers look for your contact information. Forms are great, but make sure it's not required in order to contact you. Always give the visitor an email in case they don't want to take the time to fill out the form.

Use A Full Service Web Design Company
Many aspects of your website have to work together in order to see a successful return on your website. While the site needs to be built for search engines, it should be built so that future changes are quick and easy. Having one company handle all the intricate details of the design, development, search engine promotions, domains, etc. makes it much easier for you and the design company to support your issues. We recommend only using a custom web design company that offers full development, promotions and has their own servers. Again, they need that experience to help get your site up and running quickly and efficiently, and it cuts time and money when they aren't having to call an outside source.

Create An Enjoyable Website For You & Your Clients
Many of our customers like the fact that they can call and say "If my site just did this..." and we will respond with..."Of course!." Our custom website design company understands that time is money and your staff should not spend hours on things that can be done in minutes. Call today and we'll help you devise a quicker, more efficient way of 'getting things done.' We're here to help!

Assure Your Design Company Has Strong Customer Support
Finishing your site is only the beginning of having a successful website. Half of our customers come to us from other design companies. The number one reason is lack of support. Obtaining a site requires knowledge from a full custom website development company that understands not only the web but business in general. Our employees are fully trained in all aspects of websites. You'll never hear pages being turned because our employees reading from manuals. This is the number one reason for our success rate in maintaining clients. Our custom web design company is second to none!


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